Maritime Law Committee

Robotics And Unmanned Ships

Session Synopsis Part 1:

Robotics and Unmanned Ships

Robotics and Unmanned Ships, not ghost ships, are coming! Its legal impact in shipping industry.

Duty of Robotics in exercising the duties under current legal regimes, such as duty of care of the cargo, management of the cargo; such as duty of taking necessary measures in preventing collision at sea; Whether this would reduce the risks of piracy when pirates would have had no hostages (except for cargo)….etc.


Session Synopsis Part 2:

Enforcement Of Maritime Arbitration Awards, And The Difficulties That May Be Preempted By Keeping An Early Eye Out On The Possible Enforcement Challenges

A frequently and hot topic for all commercial arbitration practitioners. The unique features maritime arbitration in various jurisdictions require closer cooperation between shipping lawyers around world, and inevitably, it is extremely important for the laws in respect of recognition and enforcement of maritime arbitration awards in one country be known to others. Unique opportunities for in-depth discussion of different legal regimes so as to better protect interests of clients.



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