Joint Session

Generational Differences in the Legal Profession: How to Bridge the Gap?

Joint Committee Session by:

  • Legal Practice Committee
  • Next Generation Committee


Session Synopsis:

The way the different generations of lawyers approach their clients, communicate and handle their career often give rise to misunderstandings or frustrations between them. Yet all generations and legal organizations must benefit from diverse talents, experiences and innovative mindsets, in particular in changing times. This session will be a sharing of experiences and perspectives of the panel as well as a discussion on the following points:

  • The existence of a ‘generational gap’ within the legal fraternity. Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials: different values and career expectations?
  • How do law firms, corporations and/or bar associations seek to bridge the gap? Lessons from different jurisdictions.
  • New generation era, new business model?

The session will conclude with some practical takeaways on how law firms and corporations can benefit from intergenerational learning.



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