Legal Development and Training Committee

Training Lawyers To Be Business Developers

Session Synopsis:

Improving the business development skills of lawyers is central to increasing revenue and profitability of law firms. However, despite business development skills being essential to success in the law, little emphasis is put on teaching lawyers what this actually means in practice. Training and mentoring younger lawyers about how to build and manage a legal practice often involves non-billable time and therefore is often ignored. Although firms do not expect their junior lawyers to engage in a large amount of business development activity, an appreciation of how valuable this is to the law firm is a must in considering the future of law firms. Like other professional skills, business development skills can be taught and learned if an individual is motivated; understands why and how the skills correlate with professional success; receives necessary support and training. In a roundtable discussion with practitioners from different jurisdictions, this session will discuss why it is important to train young lawyers in business development skills and the benefits from doing so.



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