International Trade Committee

How International Trade Lawyers Can Add Value For Corporate Clients

Session Synopsis

International trade has captured headlines in the last two years and seems likely to continue to do, at least for as long as President Trump remains in the White House. With the headlines, a spotlight has been shone on the work of international trade lawyers. Yet in many law firms across the globe, trade law does not feature as a significant practice area. This panel will focus on the challenges and opportunities for building and sustaining a trade law practice, and importantly, how trade lawyers can help our colleagues by providing added value to corporate clients. Trade lawyers undoubtedly have value to add clients, and there are increased opportunities in light of all the current chaos.

This panel will take the form of a moderated discussion, and topics we will address include:

  • Why clients should care about international trade law and policy;
  • What trade lawyers actually do, and how practices differ across different jurisdictions;
  • How trade lawyers can add value to the work of our corporate/commercial colleagues;
  • Beyond ‘black letter law’ – how trade lawyers can add value in a consultative capacity, and work with other service providers (such as economists and consultants); and
  • Likely trends for international trade practices given recent political and policy developments.



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