Joint Session

Climate, Energy and Technology: New Developments and Directions

Joint Committee Session by:

  • Energy & Natural Resources Committee
  • Environmental Law Committee


Session Synopsis:

In 2010, Singapore hosted the IPBA annual meeting with the theme of “Climate Change and Legal Practice,” featuring presentations by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and other leaders. Since that time, the impacts of climate change have continued to grow in importance, and legal practice in the areas of climate, energy and technology have continued to evolve in response. After nearly a decade, the IPBA annual meeting is once again hosted by Singapore. This panel takes the opportunity to examine new developments and directions in these areas of the law. Specifically, since the start of the 21st century the energy industry has been influenced by three major challenges: market reform, climate change, and supply security. Traditional energy sources, supply and distribution are changing and market mechanisms such as carbon emission trading are being introduced due to new environmental laws and global climate agreements, feed-in tariffs and renewable portfolio standards. At the same time, these legal innovations are responding to or are moving alongside technological improvements such as lower cost solar and wind power, battery storage and smart grids. With a focus on climate change as a driver of these changes, this panel will provide an overview of major developments and share insights into how lawyers can help their clients make the most of these new opportunities.



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