Joint Session

The Restitution Of Ill-Gotten Assets (i.e. Bribery Tainted) In An International Context

Joint Committee Session by:

  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Committee
  • Anti-Corruption and the Rule of Law Committee


Session Synopsis:

This session will touch upon the delicate topic of restitution of ill-gotten assets (bribery tainted) stashed in foreign jurisdictions to the victim state. We will look into the procedural instruments available in various states to freeze and eventually restitute assets to the victims of bribery. These are e.g. civil and criminal proceedings and mutual legal assistance as well as possibly arbitration. We will also address international treaties in place and show the practical hurdles when it comes to restituting assets. Who are the victims? How to ensure that the new government does not misuse the restituted funds again, etc.? What are the interactions of the various proceedings?



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