Cross-Border Investment Committee

Chinese Investments in the Western Hemisphere, a Chinese Perspective

Session Synopsis:

At the last IPBA conference held in Manila, the session focused on the perspective of the panelists from the countries that receive flows of investment coming from China. It is now time to listen to the Chinese perspective regarding their experiences doing business outside their boundaries, bearing in mind that the Belt & Road initiative still is a hot topic.


This session will remark the challenges of Chinese companies doing business abroad in consideration of: main differences in labor and social security, including anti-discrimination regulations in some jurisdictions, immigration considerations, FDI restrictions, “post-merger” integration and intellectual property concerns from investment recipient as well as trade protectionism.


Panelists will discuss how to prevent/reduce the liability for Chinese companies taking into account that what is usually and normally feasible in China might not necessarily be possible in the same way abroad.



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